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Spy Lamps: Seven Questions About the Accessory

What Is Spy Lamps technology?! Spy lamps Technology are an interesting alternative to common security cameras. The more traditional models require a certain complexity in the installation, being necessary to resort to specialized services. In addition, the devices are flashy…


July 3, 2019

Asus Unveils ZenBook Pro Duo with Two Screens.

asus zenmbook pro reveal Asus presented on Monday (27) during Computex the ZenBook Pro Duo, a notebook with innovative design that brings two 4K screens. The laptop has a 15-inch main OLED display and a second LCD that occupies half…


June 22, 2019

Is AMD Athlon 200GE good? Check out specifications

Amd Althon 200GE Release The Athlon 200GE is an AMD input processor that was released in September 2018. The model promises to run games in HD resolution and day-to-day applications without problems but may disappoint more demanding users. Despite this,…


June 20, 2019

Raspberry Pi Ten Little Known Functions

Raspberry Pi project start Raspberry Pi is a pocket computer that appears in several versions. These models can be used in a plethora of interesting projects, which apply board hardware to drones, retro gaming consoles and devices that leave your…


June 17, 2019

Intel SSD 660P arrives with up to 2TB

the anouncment of intel ssd The Intel SSDs 660P is the company’s new bet for the SSD market in the countries. The device promises to be a good alternative for those looking for a component of the type to speed…


June 16, 2019


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