Spy Lamps: Seven Questions About the Accessory

spy lamps technology

Spy Lamps: Seven Questions About the Accessory


July 3, 2019

Spy lamps Technology are an interesting alternative to common security cameras. The more traditional models require a certain complexity in the installation, being necessary to resort to specialized services. In addition, the devices are flashy and leave no doubt that the site is under constant monitoring.

In addition to the distinctive design and easy application, spy lamps Technology have a number of features that allow the user to control the device more easily. Check out the following seven questions and answers about these gadgets and know if the device is a good option for you.

Spy Lamps Technology Features

1. Is it really a lamp or is it just a disguise for the camera?
Some consumers wonder if the appliance is intended for lighting, or if it has just the same appearance. Yes, practically all the equipment emits light, being a little bigger than the ordinary lamps to behave the components of the camera. However, you should be careful about voltage at the time of purchase, as some models do not offer bivolt option.

2. How is the installation?
The installation is simple: just like any other light bulb, you must connect the unit to a power socket to enable the functions of the camera. Some brands include a battery of its own that guarantees its performance in the event of a power failure. The connection is made via Wi-Fi, either directly with an electronic device or through another available network.

3. Can these products work with mobile app?
Everyone uses applications as an interface, which is Technology fundamental to product management. Through the program it is possible to control features such as shooting modes, zooming, photography, distance communication among others. Apps are usually compatible with Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphones.

4. Does the camera record or transmit live?
Virtually every model available in the market can do both. The forms of recording depend on the brand, and usually require microSD cards, cloud storage or a dedicated server to store the files. In both cases, the images can be accessed through an application of the device, including what is being recorded live. Videos have HD or Full HD resolutions, and are typically recorded by 360 degree panoramic view lenses of the environment.

5. Does filming include audio or just images?
Most spy light bulbs feature built-in microphone, allowing you to record audio from the environments. Added to a speaker, the device also allows bilateral communication, and it is possible to talk at a distance through the application itself.

6. What other features are there?
Some models come with a sound signal option, as a kind of siren to frighten potential invaders. In addition to the alarm, there are also motion sensors capable of issuing a notification to the user’s app, warning when something enters the monitored location. The sensor also allows the previous setting to automatically record or turn on the light when recording a movement. Another feature available in these lamps is the night mode, interesting for monitoring environments and recognizing strange moves at night.

7. What is the average price to buy in the countries?
There is a small variety on the market, which are in a price range of $ 75 to approximately $ 430. The most popular product in online stores is the Panoramic Wi-Fi 360 ° IP Lamp, which promises to be quite complete. The model has several similar devices, with variations in prices according to the offered features.

The company Quanta, for example, has the Smart BT 360 Degree LED Camera Wi-Fi Lamp, which features a version with seven color variations LED and Bluetooth connectivity. There are still devices with Full HD resolution and night vision, which can be much more expensive.


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