LG launches new 4K UltraWide monitors in the countries

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LG launches new 4K UltraWide monitors in the countries


June 24, 2019

LG has launched seven new technology monitors in the countries on Tuesday (18). Known for high-resolution devices, the brand has announced its UHD 4K display line with four devices, and features an UltraWide model and two Gamers monitors. According to the manufacturer, products with 4K resolution offer images with more than one billion colors, highlighting details in the videos and bringing graphics four times larger than the previous line. The monitors also promise more intensity in every inch thanks to the closest pixels, which gives a greater sense of realism.

Another highlight of the family is the USB-C input in the top-of-the-line model, which connects, loads and transmits in 4K with just one cable. Prices start at $ 2,399, up to $ 3,899. Already for the Gamers and UltraWide monitors, which bring Full HD resolution, the values ​​start from $ 1,299. Next, know in detail the new displays that LG has launched in countries

lg technology 4K Monitors

The LG UHD 4K monitors line features four different models, all with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The devices promise high-fidelity color reproduction and bring the On Screen Control feature in common, letting you control some features with the mouse, bypassing the use of physical buttons, and splitting screens.

The 32UL750 is the family’s top-of-the-line 32-inch HDR 600 family that lets you force intense color without bursting or losing quality. At a price of $ 3,899, the device is capable of displaying 4K videos, transferring data and charging the laptop or cell phone battery simultaneously using only a USB-C cable. In addition, you can stream content from Netflix, Amazon TV, PlayStation or Xbox in 4K with the same fidelity at 60 Hz thanks to HDMI input with HDCP 2.2 protocol. The monitor also offers height and tilt adjustment and brings the Vesa HDR-certified display to international standards.

The 32UK550 is the most basic model of the 32 “line. The device comes on the market with a price of R $ 3,399, having two configurations unless the most expensive monitor: it does not have USB-C or VESA HDR Display, so it has the HDR 10 in its datasheet and is a bit cheaper. It is worth remembering that all 32 “products have screen adjustment and can be used in vertical mode with easy locomotion.

LG also introduced the 27UL650 and 27UL500 monitors, with 27-inch screen and 4K resolution. The first is the most complete model, with VESA technology reaching HDR 400 and two HDMI inputs. The device has an initial price of $ 2,899. The 27UL500 is the cheapest on the line and hits the market for $ 2,399. The device brings 4L IPS technology with HDR 10, lower than the other device, but can also be controlled by means of the mouse.

lg technology Gamers Monitors

In addition to the 4K line, LG has been investing in the market for sports professionals. During the launch event, the manufacturer announced a gamer monitor and updated the previously released model. The new 24 GL600F comes with a 24-inch screen and a lower price of $ 1,499. The novelty is due to the response time of only 1ms, which contributes to the fluidity of the games and, along with the Blur Reduction feature, reduces the drag of images between the motion transitions.

The monitor also features FreeSync technology, which eliminates cuts and repetitions of scenes between graphics boards, helping to update the monitor in games such as Counter Strike, FIFA and Call of Duty. In addition, the device has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and Full HD resolution.

The 27GK750F, older model, has a 240 Hz per 1ms rate and has been upgraded with AMD FreeSync technology, which is compatible with G-Sync through the driver of Nvidia, LG‘s new partner. The price of the updated version remains the same as the old release: $ 2,699 for a 27-inch screen.

lg monitors ultra wide

The new product of the LG Ultrawide line is the 29WK500, which comes to market with 29 inches and priced at $ 1,299. With a ratio of 21: 9 and Full HD resolution, the monitor promises greater immersion for games and content creators, presenting 30% more display to the user. In addition to the striking visual, the screen can be split so that multiple work areas can be used simultaneously, and can be customized in up to 14 modes.

With flawless color and magnified viewing angle, the novelty lavishes 99% of IPS display and covers the full spectrum of RGB colors. In design, the device features curved base and height and tilt adjustments. Finally, LG also announced that in September will have more news about monitors gamers for the countries.


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