IOS 13 the new system gonna be amazing

ios 13 beta

IOS 13 the new system gonna be amazing


June 14, 2019

The announcement of iOS 13 was one of the highlights of WWDC 2019, Apple event held on Monday (3) in the United States. The successor to iOS 12 features Dark Mode, a feature that changes the background tone of the home screen, notification area, action center and other elements of the iPhone interface. The goal is to save battery power and save the user’s vision.

The operating system also brings improvements and new functions to native applications like Photos, Messages and the virtual keyboard. Another highlight is Apple Maps, which has been fully repaginated and more like Google Maps. Meet 10 changes of the next update, scheduled to arrive free in September for iPhone 6S and newer models of apple smartphone.

1. Dark Mode of ios 13

ios 13 dark mode

One of the most anticipated features of iOS 13, Dark Mode changes the system color scheme, leaving light tones and adopting gray or black on the interface. The function can be activated manually or set in automatic mode, when it can be enabled always at dusk or at a time programmed by the user.

The feature helps you read at night, sparing your eyesight from the blue light that disrupts sleep. In addition, it can be an ally to save energy, especially on OLED screens, which have greater contrast compared to LCD. Apple smartphones that use this technology, such as the iPhone XS and XS Max, tend to take better advantage of the novelty.
Dark Mode should save more battery on screen iPhones

2. Photos of ios 13

ios 13 photos

The Photos app has improved navigation: a new tab lets you browse the gallery in years, months, days or all at once. It is possible to filter by events, which should make it easier to search for last trip photos or birthdays. The app is also smarter, removing duplicates automatically. It even brings more editing tools, with easier controls to change brightness, saturation, contrast and other attributes of the image or video – for the first time, it is also possible to rotate video recordings. Some editing news is available directly on the camera, including a skin tone setting in Portrait Mode.

Photos has new navigation and camera allows to adjust skin tone

3. Privacy of ios 13

Apple has announced several privacy features on iOS 13. One of them involves better control of access to user location by applications: it will be possible to share the information with a program only once. The feature will also be one of the new features of Android 10 (Q), expected for the second half. There are still new protections in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, as well as an apparent solution to the problem of applications that keep watching the user in the background.

Apple has also announced the “Sign in with Apple,” a button for creating one-touch account accounts and using iPhone‘s Face ID. The idea is to provide a login medium that protects user data. Unlike similar Google and Facebook solutions, Apple will create a random user email with each new registration, giving more control to cancel unwanted messages and decreasing the chances of leakage of sensitive information in case of attacking the site’s servers .

4. Apple Ios 13 Maps

ios 13 maps

Fiasco for seven years at the launch of iOS 6, Apple Maps is back completely refurbished. The changes begin on the home screen, which brings buttons in the footer to easily access favorite places and an integrated travel organizer. You can also share the trip with a friend with a link, as well as view 3D images of Street View locations in Google Maps. The new version of the application, however, will have restricted availability: according to Apple, only the US will receive the news in 2019.

Apple Maps has a similar feature as Google Maps Street View

5. Siri, car and accessories

On iOS 13, Siri will accept multi-step commands to run on iPhone. You can program everything in the Shortcuts application. In addition, the virtual assistant can help you respond to messages through AirPods. Apple’s wireless headsets also get a sharing function for two people to hear the same music, each on their device, synchronously. HomePod can still play a song played initially on the iPhone: just play the phone in the sound box to switch from one device to the other.

6. Messages of ios 13

The native iOS 13 Messaging application automatically displays picture and contact name, similar to messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram. The user can also choose to display his Memoji, the 3D avatar of Apple. The virtual dolls also gain more customization options, and the possibility of being transformed into figurines, through the new Memoji Stickers, stickers that can be sent in message applications.

7. Keyboard and input

ios keyboard

The iPhone keyboard will finally gain sliding typing with QuickPath, which allows you to write faster with one hand. The function has been around for many years on Android and was already offered on the iPhone on alternative keyboards such as Gboard. The new system also gained enhancements that help with text editing, including document scrolling, cursor movement, and improved word selection.

8. What About Performance

According to Apple, the iPhone upgraded to iOS 13 could open applications up to twice as fast. The size of apps will also be reduced, reducing App Store downloads by up to 50%. Installed app updates will decrease by up to 60%. Face ID also got faster: the promise is to unlock the phone in 70% of the time before.

9. Reminders Notifications

The Reminders application has been completely remodeled. In addition to Dark Mode support, the app brings attachment support to enrich user notes with photos and other files. It also promises to be much smarter: according to Apple, just enter a note to receive suggestions for alarms and other tasks with contextual information.

10. Apple Music Safari and Files

Other minor changes to iOS 13 include support for song lyrics in Apple Music, folder sharing via iCloud Drive, and frequent contact suggestions for sending photos and other documents. The update also brings compatibility with external devices: the Files app will be able to read connected flash drives and memory cards on iPhone automatically.


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