Ios 13 launcher for your andoid phone

ios 13 launcher

Ios 13 launcher for your andoid phone


June 24, 2019

The Launcher iOS 13 app lets you leave an iPhone-looking Android phone (iOS). Available for free in the Google Play Store, the app changes the look and feel of the system home screen, leaving the icons the same as Apple‘s and making all the wallpapers and layouts of the competing system available. The change also allows you to access the widgets sidebar and the top application search bar, which are native to Apple software.

Note that the application changes the appearance of the system only on the smartphone home screen, that is, when opening applications like WhatsApp, for example, they remain with the layout used in the Google OS. The Launcher iOS 13 is constantly updated, and according to the manufacturer, will soon make available iOS 13 features, such as Night Mode. Here’s how to make your Android phone look like an iPhone.

Step 1. Download the iOS 13 Launcher for Android¬† After installation, you will be asked if you want to use the iOS interface once or always. To keep the system active, select “Always”. The icons will be transformed automatically.

Step 2. Slide the screen to the right to go to the Widgets page, native to iOS. In it, you’ll be able to see quick application information that you select.

ios 13 step 2

Step 3. Tap “Edit” to choose the apps that will appear on the screen. Then, drag the stripes of each application to organize them as you want.

Step 4. On the homepage, slide the middle screen down to access the search bar and a shortcut to frequently used apps – also native iOS feature.

Step 5. To organize the applications on the screen, just press them until they start to shake, just like on the iPhone. However, you’ll be able to position them anywhere on the screen, a feature only present on Android.

How to put an iPhone background on Android

Step 1. Open the Launcher iOS 13 app and select “Background” from the menu.

Step 2. Choose the wallpaper you want and end with “Ok”. The image will be added to the lock screen and home screen, obligatorily.

How to change icons individually

Step 1. From the iOS 13 Launcher menu, touch the “Change icon” option. Find the app you want and tap the circular arrows option to revert the button to Android design.

Step 2. If you want to choose an iPhone icon manually, touch the pencil icon and select the desired option.

How to get back from ios 13 to the Android layout

Step 1. If you want to remove the iOS layout, uninstall the app. To do this, press the icon until it begins to shake. Then touch the “x” icon and confirm the action under “Ok”. The system will return to normal immediately.


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