Laptops How to choose the perfect laptop for you: the key

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Laptops How to choose the perfect laptop for you: the key


May 25, 2019

laptops.How to choose the perfect laptop for you: the key hardware

Second part of the tips to make the right choice: memory, RAM, processor, video card, common errors

After reviewing Laptops and some of the important things you need to keep track of when choosing a laptop, there are now some of the most important elements – memory, RAM, processor and video card.

Operating memory For Laptops (RAM)

Viper Ram



ok the situation is very clear. There is no choice for a variety of combinations and models (DDR4 is now standard), and even adding more RAMs after purchase – if there are any such intentions, you need to check if this is easy on the selected model – whether it has an extra slot, it’s conveniently located because it’s not good if you have to dismantle the entire laptop.

How much is enough? If the budget is a leader, the least you need to be satisfied with is 4 GB of RAM. Twice more is the optimal amount enough for most consumers unless you are looking for a very powerful gaming machine or something to handle video. For all situations, 16 GB and up is more costly.

Internal memory For Laptops (storage)

SeaGate HardDisk


SeaGate HardDisk

Here the choice is relatively clear. If the budget allows, the HDD is only part of the configuration and it’s good to combine at least a 120GB SSD. If the model is only with an SSD, 120 GB is a modest option that can also work with cloudy space. The option is Google’s services, where 100 GB cloud spread is 4 leva (the smallest possible package). The situation also depends on how it works. If volume files are to be processed, the 120GB SSD for the operating system and programs is an excellent option, and between 500GB – 1TB HDD for the files themselves. We keep so much on the SSD, as this will not only accelerate the launch of the system but also the programs. The market also offers laptops with hybrid SSHD solutions that combine the slower HDD with a small SSD cache. For the fastest drives, however, you have to look around for the SSD, which uses the latest PCI-Express standard (NVMe vs. SATA), because this speed is lifted several times.

As always, there are many “if” situations that are based on consumption. Because it is very often that the disk is what will most likely determine the speed of operation, the smaller SSD is preferable to a large HDD. In order to maintain the price balance, there is not a bad combination for the more common consumer case, the 128GB SSD and the 500GB HDD.

Processor For Laptops




we enter the largest hardware variety that can be seriously confusing. I want to add a little bit more details to help you navigate seamlessly, but also to choose the right processor. The short version is that the Intel Core i5 is sufficient for most of the tasks, including photo and video processing. It provides the best balance between price and performance. Another dilemma that is easy to solve – better choice is Intel Core i5, but from 8th generation than Core i7 but from 7th generation. The reason is that the new generation relies on twice as many cores. A bold jump to Core i7 or i9 makes sense only if the model will be used for more serious gaming and serious video processing. Yes, the i9-8950HK with six cores and twelve threads may be impressive with its powerful processor, but that does not mean it’s the best choice for everyone. Even on the contrary.

16GB of RAM sounds very tempting, but if it’s not about serious gaming and very heavy visuals, 8GB is enough.

ntel’s processor generation is clearly visible – its number starts with it (for example, i7-8750H is the 8th generation of Coffee Lake). The next important point is the letter after the digits. U marks processor models that use less power (such as 28W thermal power) – and are suitable for models that focus on battery and work on the move. The letter “H” marks exactly the opposite (eg 45W thermal power), a processor that fuses the battery faster, but has more power but also needs better cooling to monitor the so-called ” throttling (too high a temperature that the system normalizes by decreasing the processor’s work force, thus losing power). The top of this chain is “HK” like the i9-8950HK, which is ready for overclocking (TDP – 65W).

AMD models can also be found on the market, with Ryzen Mobile trying to compete with Intel Core i5 and i7.

For games, the processor is not that important, and even more affordable options will be enough, but some headlines, mostly large and massive strategies, the weaker processor may slow down the whole system.

A major role for the overall operation of the system is cooling – something that can hardly be understood only by the features of the model in the online list. Quite naturally thinner and lightweight models can not boast the best cooling, no matter how much technology the manufacturers have introduced. That’s why it’s good to stay on a Core i5 processor that is nicely optimized for the model than paying more for the Core i7, which can not cool well and therefore does not work to its full potential to maintain normal temperature. Even models like the Predator Helios 300, which have more cooling, are not so well optimized and raise high temperatures with more serious gaming.

Graphics Card For Laptops



RTX 2080TI

Diversity, similar to the processor situation, but it will be easier to navigate when you decide exactly what you will use for your laptop. If it is not for games, video editing, or for creating 3D objects and animations, even a built-in video card (such as Intel Graphics 630) will do a good job. For everything else, a model with an external video card from AMD or Nvidia is needed, with the second-generation models much more popular. At the bottom is the Nvidia MX150, which can handle some of the older games, such as Battlefield 1 reaches 60fps at low settings. This means HD resolution and reduced detail.

The Nvidia GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti can handle 1080p gaming as well as titles such as CS: GO, League of Legends, DOTA 2 and others but not suitable for VR. Following GTX 1060 and GTX1070, which also handle the VR, are ready for 1080p gaming, and the top is the GTX 1080, which handles high detail, 4K and even the latest titles.

With the rise of the video card class quite normally there is a serious leap in the price of the laptop, which makes the initial judgment very important.

What to repeat while choosing your new laptops




“Do not hurry with the most budget model,” because it may spoil your overall experience of using it. Yes, the paper may sound good, but the more important thing is to think exactly what you need. The most affordable models are for a reason, even if you use it only for internet and movies, at least pay attention to the screen. As I said, you will look at it constantly. And do not forget that this laptop will not change every year and it’s good to invest in something that has a longer life.

“Do not pursue the most expensive”. The reverse situation is also valid – do not throw expensive models if you do not use their full hardware. Yes, 16 GB of RAM sounds great, but situations where it is needed do not include internet, documents, video, office pack, YouTube, social networks, and so on.

“I have to like it.” In the desire to optimize hardware, we forget that design is also important – the model should be good for you, but it is also convenient for you to work with. We must not forget that it is the design that can have a knock on the keyboard and the touchpad.

“I do not have to wait for the next generation”. I admit that this may be strange advice, but unless the new-generation CPU models go out in a month, often waiting is not worth it. We all want to have the most up-to-date, but in this segment it’s just impossible. Consider the moment of purchase well, but do not worry that there will be something new soon – it is inevitable.

“Do I get a Pro version of Windows?” No, it makes no sense to pay anymore.

At The End




My hope is that after reading all this, you have a clearer idea of your next laptop and what to look for. If you still have questions, you can always write to us. Never forget that the most important moment is before the purchase, and it’s the assessment of exactly what you will use the machine. Every model of the market has its purpose.


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