Huawei licence is taken and Intel Foxconn Qualcomm

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Huawei licence is taken and Intel Foxconn Qualcomm


May 25, 2019

Huawei Start

Huawei is the second largest manufacturer of smartphones and already
 triggered a great resonance with the premiere of the impressive flags Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. The company continues to enjoy solid sales on its Android devices but has now become another victim of the trade war between China and the United States. The US administration of Donald Trump put Huawei in the so-called a “blacklist” that restricts the capabilities of foreign companies to engage in business operations with their US counterparts.

In fact, the restrictions imposed by the US government on the popular Chinese producer are a consequence of the aggressive trade policy pursued by Donald Trump. The situation for Huawei is even more complicated, as the embargo that the US has just introduced will negatively affect the company. For example, Google officially announced that it would comply with its government’s restrictions and would stop doing business with Huawei. The ban actually deprives the company of their Android license, reported mswpoweruser.

Huawei Fall

Huawei Fall

Huawei will not have access to future software updates, which also applies to popular Google apps and services, including the Google Play online store. The current smartphones of the company will not be affected, but these restrictions will seriously affect Huawei’s business outside of China. Drastic US administration measures will also force US hardware manufacturers such as Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Xilinx to discontinue Huawei component supply until a second order.

Huawei Is Rising Again

The Rise Of Huawei

We have already informed you that Huawei has received a 90-day temporary Android license. In this way, the company will have time until mid-August to deal with the US government’s sanctions. The main problem for the Chinese manufacturer is that the trade embargo will deprive them of access to Google Play and Google apps. Their future devices will also not be upgraded to new versions of Android, which will seriously affect their sales.


One of the solutions over which Huawei works is developing its own smartphone operating system. The information is from Western Europe’s Vice President, Tim Watkins, in a statement to the Financial Times. In this way, the company will try to overcome the negative consequences of their unexpected exclusion from the services ecosystem offered by Android. The Chinese giant is already testing the new software among a limited number of users. The code name of the platform is HongMeng, GizChina reported.

The New Os

The company’s decision is not surprising and this is a project that has been working for quite some time. The current events will accelerate the finalization of the HongMeng OS interface. So far, we do not have any details about how the operating system will look like, but we will probably soon learn more details. The big question is how Huawei will attract the attention of leading mobile application developers to the platform, which will be key to the success of HongMeng OS.


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