Huawei Android Licences is Stopped by Google

No Android For Huawei

Huawei Android Licences is Stopped by Google


May 21, 2019

To give the news is Reuters, according to which Google would have decided to revoke the Android license from Huawei after Trump’s move: if confirmed, the Play Store, Gmail and all the services most used by Western Android users could disappear from the smartphone of System, which would no longer receive any updates.

Google death sentence Huawei. And it is a news that leaves incredulous to say the least. Following the decision of the Trump administration, which included the Chinese company in the blacklist of US trade, the US technology giant would be ready to suspend all relations with Huawei. Which means that in the coming months, all the smartphones produced by the Chinese giant could lose access to Android updates, which is the operating system that has been the heart of Huawei smartphones and tablets for years, and the possibility of using applications and services that have become essential (especially for western users) such as the Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps and many others. And not only in China, where all Google apps have always been banned, but also in the rest of the world.

Because Google has revoked the Android licenses from Huawei

The news was given by Reuters, which would have been tipped by an internal source from Google, later confirmed by The Verge shortly before a Google spokesman declared “we are adapting to the order and evaluating the implications”, but without entering into specifics of the details.


Google could be the final move for Trump’s battle against Huawei, and could definitely mark the ruin of the division led by Richard Yu, the head of the consumer division of the System company convinced that, sooner or later, he would exceed the odds market share, also in Italy.

If confirmed, the news would probably be the coup de grace for the Chinese colossus all over the world, and would oblige Huawei to use only the AOSP version of Android, namely the open-source version, in which, however, it would still not have access to all Google services. And, clearly, this would also happen in Europe and in Italy, where all users who bought a Huawei smartphone would find themselves with totally decapitated devices, without security and support updates anymore.

Because, even if on the one hand the source code of the well-known software that animates millions of smartphones worldwide is freely usable by anyone, on the other hand however the popular Play Store app store, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps , the Google Pay payment system and a multitude of services and side apps are owned by the Mountain View home, and smartphone manufacturers can host them on their gadgets only thanks to commercial agreements that US sanctions have already jeopardized in the past.

Other tech companies have also cut their ties with Huawei

And if what is happening in the last few hours could be unbelievable, in reality Google would not be the only company to cut bridges with Huawei. Broadcom, Qualcomm, Intel and Xilinx also seem to have adapted to the line dictated by the administration of Donald Trump, and they would have cut bridges with the Shenzen company.

In this case, to report the news is Bloomberg, which explains how the various companies have already informed their employees and frozen the supplies destined for the Chinese technological giant.

A strong line, which Trump has also moved to Europe trying to convince all the allies of the born that Chinese devices represent a threat to national security, and that will make it harder for Huawei also to purchase hardware components from US companies. No one, however, expected such a twist.

Huawei without Android, what will happen

Should the news be confirmed, the consequences for Huawei could be important, and could substantially close the Western borders to the Chinese giant. The Shenzen company would totally lose access to the services most used by its users and could continue to use exclusively the open source version of Anrdoid, already used by Amazon in its FireOS.

A similar problem had also happened to ZTE with Google and chip maker Qualcomm, when the Chinese giant was caught violating an embargo on the trade in devices with Iran. The blockade, which lasted a relatively short period, brought the company that looked like a giant to its knees in a few months, and the situation was resolved with the payment of a record sanction and a total renewal of the summits. At present it is not yet said that the situation is destined to degenerate in this way, but Huawei itself has already declared itself prepared for a similar eventuality, and is ready to finalize its own operating system precisely in case of such an eventuality

For a long time it is rumored that the company is working on its own operating system, called Huawei OS, which on paper should be able to withstand the competition of iOS and Android. An OS that would always be based on the Google API, and that therefore could be compatible with most of the applications present in the Play Store, but which currently would still seem in the early stages of development.

However, Google’s move could open up to catastrophic scenarios that would involve the entire smartphone industry. It would not be so absurd to assume that, in response to the choices made by the United States, China could prohibit (or severely limit) the sale of iPhones in the country. It would be a possible scenario, it is true, but also self-defeating because it would negatively affect all of Apple’s Chinese suppliers (both in terms of labor and in terms of internal components), then forcing the Cupertino company to start producing their own smartphones in home. But then again, wasn’t this what Trump would have wanted since he took office in the White House? It would be a further victory for the President of the United States of America, a victory that could, however, weigh on the pockets of users all over the world, increasing (even more) the already very high selling prices of bitten apple devices.

The note from Google

While waiting for all aspects of the vicissitudes of the past few hours to become clearer, Google responded with a press release to one of the most legitimate questions that could be asked of all users who have already purchased devices manufactured by the Shenzen brand.

“We are conforming to the order and we are evaluating the repercussions.” – reads Google’s statement – “For users of our services, Google Play and Google Play Protect security protections will continue to work on existing Huawei devices”.

Good news, therefore, confirmed by the company also on Twitter. According to official statements by Google, anyone who has purchased a Huawei smartphone will be able to continue to sleep peacefully and continue to use all the services and applications developed by the Mountain View giant.

google responds to huawei

And after the official declaration by Google, which reassures current Android users with Huawei devices, the official statement of the company comes from Shenzen, about the possible revocation of Android licenses.

Huawei has made a substantial contribution to the development and growth of Android worldwide.” – reads – “As one of Android’s main global partners, we have worked closely with their open source platform to develop an ecosystem that has benefited both users and industry. Huawei will continue to provide security updates and post services -sale to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablets, which cover those already sold or still available globally.We will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, in order to provide the best experience to all users globally. “


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