Navigation,Best Free Android Android with Offline Mode

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Navigation,Best Free Android Android with Offline Mode


May 25, 2019

Everyone knows there are many great navigation applications that you can use when you have an internet connection. But what are your options when you are offline? Offline GPS application mode is a vital feature that you can take advantage of when you are in a foreign country, do not have internet access, or want to save mobile data.

From the Make Use Of list, you will find out which are the best free Android Android GPS applications with offline mode.


Google Maps

Google Maps offers a way to download and save parts of the map for offline use. To download a map, click on the “More” menu in the top left corner, then select “Offline Maps”. Google will recommend some maps that you can download based on your address and your frequent location. But you can tap Select Your Own Map to download another area. The maximum size of the card you can download is 2 GB. The application automatically deletes all downloaded maps after 30 days.

Osm And Navigation

OsmAnd is another popular service that has offline mode. It has some pretty useful features: voice guidance, targeting, expected time of arrival, day / night mode on the screen, in-flight flight paths, etc. For some countries, the offline map even offers curious information such as opening times and accepted forms of payment in stores. Finally, this is the application that all skiers need to have. There is a paid plugin that shows route maps for most of the world’s most popular resorts.

MAPS.ME Navigation

MAPS.ME is a completely free GPS application. If you need offline navigation, it’s definitely worth checking out. In offline mode, you can enjoy search functions, voice navigation, route recalculation, and public transport. You will also find restaurants, ATMs and interesting places. If you’re online, you can share your location with friends, add bookmarks, and even make hotel reservations in the app itself.

MapFactor Navigation

When you start the app for the first time, it will prompt you to download maps for offline use. This is because there is no online card feature here. Instead, the app offers more than 200 individual individual cards to choose from. Maps are organized by country, but densely populated areas have sub-regions. Each card downloads its data from OpenStreetMap.


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