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Intel SSD 660P arrives with up to 2TB

the anouncment of intel ssd The Intel SSDs 660P is the company’s new bet for the SSD market in the countries. The device promises to be a good alternative for those looking for a component of the type to speed…


June 16, 2019

IOS 13 the new system gonna be amazing

IOS 13 new announcment The announcement of iOS 13 was one of the highlights of WWDC 2019, Apple event held on Monday (3) in the United States. The successor to iOS 12 features Dark Mode, a feature that changes the…


June 14, 2019

Google presses Trump so that Huawei can use Android

trump stops huawei google,In mid-May, President Donald Trump signed a decree that lays the groundwork to prevent Chinese telecommunications companies such as Huawei from selling equipment in the United States. The move aims to neutralize China’s ability to engage US…


June 11, 2019

Security Protection New General Data Regulation

The Start Of Security Protection security protection Surely in recent weeks you have not stopped hearing about  the importance of personal data protection. And is that, as you probably know, on May 25 came into force, in all countries of the European…


June 9, 2019


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